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Royal Dragon T-Shirt

Royal Dragon T-Shirt

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Shine through the crowd with this unique product. The perfect combination between an aggressive design and a mystical tattoo-style creature.

This shirt exudes confidence, inner peace and majesty.



  • Premium Quality
  • 95% Cotton 5% Lycra
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  • Relaxed Fit



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Product's features

Highest quality

Experience unparalleled excellence with our top-of-the-line product, crafted with the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched quality and performance.


Our product exudes confidence and power, reflecting your bold spirit and unwavering determination. Make a bold statement with our must-have clothing, which guarantees to remind you, that it's time to make money.

Choice of Mindset.

Success-minded people don't settle for less. They demand the best in life and make decisions that embody strength, power, and confidence. That's why Virtus is the ultimate choice for money mindset people. Our brand represents everything a successful individual stands for - quality, durability, and style. From rugged outdoors gear to sleek urban essentials, we've got you covered. Whether you're on a personal growth journey or just enjoying life being in the top 1%. Choose Virtus.

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We'd love to see what our customers would want to wear so we decided to welcome every idea in text or picture form, who knows? Maybe you will find your ideas on our store, you will also get a huge discount if you decide to buy it! Note: if you want to send a design idea in link format, we only accept imgur links, otherwise be accurate with your description and send it to us in text form!

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Virtus' Unique Style

Virtus is a brand which name speaks himself. What you wear is your reflection, unleash your inner confidence with the latest collection from us. Our range of premium-quality t-shirts and hoodies are designed to provide you with the perfect combination of style, comfort and durability. Whether you're heading to the gym, hustling, meeting friends or just running errands, our clothes will keep you looking sharp and feeling great. Our brand is exceptionally young, but we will soon be supplied with a variety of colors and designs. We are glad to have successful and hard-working clients.